Why doesn't my sofa look right?

"Why doesn’t my sofa look right?"

This, my friends, is a question I get asked ALL.THE.TIME. and it is quite frankly music to my ears.
You know how everyone has that annoying person in their life? Somebody who will come into your house and start reorganising your kitchen cupboards or straightening your artwork? Well, that’s me! But I’m more likely to juzz (technical term) your cushions than alphabetise your spice rack.
Perhaps you’re in the camp of people who don’t ‘get’ cushions but fear not, I’m here to guide you on the path to enlightenment. Would you eat a carrot cake without the cream cheese frosting? The answer, I hope, is no. So think of cushions as the cream cheese frosting to your sofa. 
I wholeheartedly believe in the transformative power of a beautifully styled sofa. If that sounds a bit woo-woo, bear with me! A well chosen cushion will bring different elements of a space together. It’s also there for you to cry into during a particularly emotional episode of Bake Off, or on hand when you need to whollop whoever ate the last Malteaser Celebration. 
You might be reading this and thinking 'what makes you the expert’. Well, before turning this mild cushion obsession into a fledgling business, I spent three years working as an interior stylist and designer for one of the UK’s leading home staging firms. To say that I've styled hundreds of sofas is no exaggeration!
The great thing is that there are perfect cushions out there right now, just waiting to be acquainted with the right sofa. It’s not quite a ‘swipe right’ job, but through this journal I’m going share all of my top tips and tricks to make it as easy as possible. 
And guess what, by the time you’ve graduated the HEF School of Sofa Styling, you’ll be THAT annoying person juzzing cushions in other people’s homes!

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