Lesson 2: Bedroom Styling

The HEF School of Cushion Styling 

If you’re back for Lesson 2 I think it’s fair to assume you’re a cushion person (and cushion people are the best kind of people!)

The beauty of throw pillows is that you can swap them in and out whenever you want to change things up. If you ever find yourself getting bored of a room, switching the cushions can give the space a whole new look and feel plus it’s much more affordable than changing the furniture or redecorating! I always have a stack of covers in my airing cupboard that I’ll swap depending on the season; some cosy, textured cushions for winter and soft, breezy linens for the spring. 

Okay onto the nitty gritty. Let’s talk cushions arrangements. This is by no means an exhaustive list of possible arrangements, but it has got all the classics covered:


The golden rules of cushion placement...


Biggies at the back

You know what they say about big beds... they have big cushions! Just the same as with sofas, you want your big cushions at the back and smaller cushions at the front. As a minimum I tend to go for a 50x50cm for a king size bed, 55x55cm / 60x60cm for super king beds.

A beautiful bed is like an onion...

…it should have layers! We’re talking bed linen, blankets, bedcovers. We’re also talking cushions - layer different sized and shaped cushions so you can see each one clearly. The goal is to have a bed so cosy and inviting that you cannot wait to dive right in after a long day.

Mix and match

Last time we talked about how an asymmetrical arrangement can sometimes look more relaxed in a kind of ‘oh-my-bed-just-wakes-up-like-this’ way. If you’re going for a mix and match look, make sure the back cushions are identical so it looks intentional rather than chaotic!

If you're using five cushions make sure the two back cushions are identical. If you're using three cushions, your normal sleep pillows will work as the identical base. 

Fuss free bed styling

Maybe you’re not a morning person and the daily arranging of cushions is a step too far before coffee. Or maybe you’re a cushion kinda person and your partner is not and so you’re having to do the dreaded C word… compromise! If this is you, opt for a single bolster (or better still, an oversized bolster). Your bed will still look beautiful and you’ll have the added benefit of getting some extra ZZZ’s without the nightly pro and con discussion about bed pillows!

Opt for an oversized bolster cushion for that fuss-free but polished bed look!

You do you

As we touched on in the last post, interiors and personal tastes are subjective. What works for one person might not work for the next. Read your room, your bed size, your vibe. This lesson consists of some basic guidelines, tried a tested arrangements that will work every time. That said, once you’ve learned the rules feel free to run wild and break them. You might want to go up/down in sizes or add in/take out cushions depending on your space. This is supposed to be fun and not taken too seriously so experiment with it and find what works for YOU!


A few notes:


Sizes are in CM. Conversions for any feet and inch-ers:

60x60cm = 24" x 24"

50x50cm = 20" x 20"

45x45cm = 18" x 18"

50x30cm = 20" x 12"

80x30cm = 35" x 12"


Before you go I’m going to leave you with some extracurricular watching. Remember this scene from Along Came Polly…

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